Reel Lamps Make Great Trophies!

Tournament season is here, organizing the event, herding hundreds of fishermen, and women, all jockeying for the best spot, and generally trying to stay one step ahead of the next disaster. Wondering what to present at the awards ceremony shouldn’t be one of those things.

Fishing TrophyInstead of handing out the standard fishing trophy that will sit on the shelf and blend in with every other trophy out there, why not stand out from the crowd present a Reel Lamps Fishing Lamp as your trophy this year? We can custom build the perfect lamp for your tournament. 

We can custom design the lamp to fit your tournament no matter what species you are targeting. We can use your rod combined with the winning reel and lure and one of our shades with the species targeted in your tournament to create the perfect trophy.


Bass Fishing Trophy Catfish Fishing Trophy Crappie Fishing Trophy

To find out how we can help you make your tournament complete, please contact us.