Reel Lamps

Since 2012 Reel Lamps has been creating unique lamps for fishing enthusiasts around the world.

Reel Lamps is the perfect example of the old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

Reel Lamps fishing and hunting lamps are created from fishing gear; broken rods and reels, old lures, and old granite scraps that are heading for the landfill. We take these old treasures and use them to create our unique lamps. Our lamps are enjoyed by anglers of all kinds, both freshwater and saltwater. We create lamps of all sizes for all uses. From floor lamps to night stand lamps, our lamps are created by hand and used in offices, living rooms, dens, and fishing and hunting cabins the world over.

We even create custom fishing pole lamps using your retired fishing gear to help you keep your fishing memories fresh.

Look through our selection of pre-made lamps, or one of our Design Your Own lamps categories to see what we can create for you. If you are looking for a custom fishing pole lamp, or want to outfit your hunting or fishing cabin with more than one of our lamps, please contact us below and we will be thrilled to work with you on your own custom fishing pole lamp.


Five Fabulous Rustic Decor Ideas to Bring the Outdoors In

October 12, 2017

With temperatures cooling down, it’s fast becoming time to cozy up in your living room, study or den. Don’t ignore the call of nature just because there’s rain, ice or snow. Part of the joy of embracing a rustic decorating style is the ability to bring the outdoors in. If you’re keen to add some rustic accents to your home to tide you over until inclement fall and winter weather passes, consider these five easy ideas to spruce up your living space. 1.  Rope and Twine Accents Nothing evokes the spirit of rustic simplicity as much as texture. With rope-accented...

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Reclaiming Memories One Rod at a Time

September 20, 2017

In the world of home décor, few items make more of an impact than cleverly repurposed or recycled objects that have otherwise outlived their usefulness. Instead of being relegated to the nearest dump or landfill, a growing number of various types of cast-offs are being given a new life and purpose as one-of-a-kind rustic showpieces. Like car-lovers, long-time anglers develop a real working kinship with their fishing gear, so putting a favorite rod out to pasture is an often-painful reality. If not disposed of, many a rod have been relegated to a dark, dusty corner of the garage or cellar...

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Decorating with Rustic Lighting Fixtures

August 17, 2017

Decorating your lodge, cabin, log or traditional home with a rustic theme offers you the opportunity to add charm and natural elements to your space. Rustic-themed light fixtures – whether crafted from wood, copper, brass or even more interesting materials – add a visually appealing, yet organic feel to a home. Including rustic lighting in your favorite space, no matter where it is, creates an environment far removed from an often-hectic lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want to come home to the same relaxing atmosphere you prefer during a vacation in the woods or a weekend hunting or fishing? The type of...

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