Wholesale Opportunities

2020 has been another great year for us as we continue to grow our business and manufacturing capabilities. Along with that we are looking for more wholesale customers. 

Show Sellers

We attend a lot of shows over the year and there is no way we can attend them all. This means an opportunity for you if you are already attending shows with rustic or fishing products. We sell at every show we go to, and would love to help you increase your show revenue by placing our fishing lamps in your booth. 

Retail Outlets

We sell at more than shows as well. Our lamps are already carried in several outdoor stores and we are looking to expand our reach in that area. If you have a retail outlet, outdoor store, lighting store or home decor store we would love to talk to you about carrying our lamps. 

Designers are Welcome Too

We have also worked with a few interior designers who have placed our lamps in several lodges and hotels across the country. If you would like to place our lamps in venues that you are designing we have a special program just for you.

Lodges and Camps

Finally, we also work directly with many fishing and hunting lodges and camps. We can help you outfit your entire camp, or just a few select rooms with our special pricing for lodges, camps and hotels. 


  1. Must have a valid Tax Resale Number
  2. Minimum opening order of 3 lamps

To find out more about opening a wholesale account with Reel Lamps, please call Chet at (618) 521-5302 or email us at Chet Nosalik reellamps100@gmail.com.