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Making Memories Out of Broken Fishing Gear

I got this email a while back from a customer that had broken a fishing rod while on a fishing trip up in Canada. 

One of my favorite fishing memories is from my second trip to Canada for Walleye and Northern Pike Fishing up in Armstrong Station, Ontario. We had been up there for a few days already when I got into one of the largest fish I had ever hooked outside of deep sea fishing. We were in a 14’ John Boat and I swear that fish stuck out of either side of the boat when he swam behind us.

Everything was going great until he made that mad dash away from the boat. I had the drag set a little, well a lot, too high and he bent the pole hard. That’s when I learned a few things about fishing for large Northern. First, when they run, they run hard. Second, when you are running 60 pound braid with a steel leader, it is entirely possible to break a fishing rod without sitting on it in the boat.

Before I could point the rod at him and reduce the drag he had broken off the last 8 inches of one of my favorite fishing poles. I was shocked. I had never broken a rod fishing before and while I tried to regroup I lost the fish.

Fast forward a few years and I still have this broken fishing rod in my rod holder in my office and I smile every time I look at it. But I have new rods that need a place to stand and I don’t really want to “get rid” of such a great memory just because it is broken. This is where Reel Lamps fishing lamps comes into play.

I sent my rod, an older reel that has been sitting on the shelf for a few years, and a copy of the lure I was using when I lost that Northern up in Canada. A few weeks later I received back a great looking lamp for the corner of my desk. It has my rod, my reel, my lure, and all my memories of a great trip fishing with friends.

Charles -

I love getting emails like this and I'm thrilled that I can help someone keep their memories alive with something that I created. If you want to preserve your fishing memories with one of my fishing lamps, or any of the other lamps I create, or you just want to decorate your cabin with these great looking lamps, please contact me and I'll be happy to explain the process and get you started preserving your own memories.